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Divit-Tour travel agency welcomes you to Belarus!

We have dealt with tourism since 2003 and have gained large experience in this sphere. If you need a package tour or a tailored one, any help with visa getting procedure, our managers will assist you with the visa application and also choose the best flight and tour options for you. We can offer you the most convenient flight time and provide you with all the necessary information when visiting our country.

The «Divit-Tour» will help make your vacation safe and comfortable. We offer a wide choose of sightseeing tours. You will be able to choose the right sightseeing tour around Belarus according to your interests, desires and abilities.

Our managers will offer a great number of tours which combine sightseeing and comfortable rest to those who are interested in history and cultural heritage of different countries or those who enjoy picturesque landscapes.  When visiting Belarus, you will relish not only excellent rest but get plenty of memorable experiences.

We are offering the following services for foreign tourists:

-invitation letters of foreign citizens and citizens of CIS during individual and group tours to Belarus;

— accommodation arrangements in Belarus and CIS;

— sightseeing services (more than 40 different tours) around historical and cultural places of interest  in Belarus;

— transportation and transfer services;

— recreation at Belarusian health resorts;

— services of local guides and translators;

— weekend tours to Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus;

— recreation for families with children;

— health tourism.

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